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Welcome to Project Nothingness, your gateway to global innovation. Our 4E-Model, strong community, local ecosystem connections, and acceleration programs propel regions toward success by creating gravity and increasing talent density. Join us and hit the ground running.


The 4E Model is a comprehensive framework developed by Project Nothingness, aiming to address key challenges in innovation, education, community, and infrastructure on a global scale. This model is designed to harmonize these core areas, fostering a thriving ecosystem that is both adaptable and scalable across diverse regions worldwide.




enabling Infrastructure


Scaling the best of regions

Welcome to Project Nothingness, a groundbreaking collaboration with the Nordic countries, where we serve as a vital bridge connecting the far reaches of the globe with innovation hotspots worldwide. Supported by Nordic Innovation, we bring Nordic entrepreneurship, values, and business practices to the global innovation landscape, aiming to unite the most innovative entrepreneurs and facilitate meaningful connections and collaboration through our key services.


In our vibrant and collaborative innovation community, entrepreneurs connect, exchange ideas, and grow together. Trust, equality, and respect for others are deeply ingrained in our Nordic culture, creating an inclusive ecosystem that supports innovation.


Our modern co-working spaces, including our flagship Nothing Hill, provide the physical infrastructure necessary for creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning. These spaces are designed to inspire innovation and knowledge sharing.


Through comprehensive programs, we guide organizations in stimulating creativity, commercializing research, and providing structured pathways for venture incubation, acceleration, and scaling. This empowers entrepreneurs to transform challenges into opportunities.


Additionally, we organize networking events and gatherings that facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing, creating an engaging ecosystem where connections are made, and innovation thrives.


What sets New Nordic businesses apart? Quite a bit, actually. We hail from a region where the rugged natural environment has instilled in us a profound sense of resilience and adaptability. To thrive in this challenging landscape, we've learned the importance of hard work, cooperation, and innovation – values at the core of our New Nordic heritage.


At Project Nothingness, we bring the New Nordic spirit of resilience, collaboration, and innovation to the global stage. Join us as we embark on a journey to shape the future and create a lasting impact together.



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nothing hill

Student & innovation campus


This aspect focuses on developing relevant, practical, and future-focused educational programs. It bridges the gap between academia and industry, preparing learners for future job market demands.


This component supports innovation by creating comprehensive and customizable programs. It guides organizations in stimulating creativity, commercializing research, and providing structured pathways for venture incubation, acceleration, and scaling.


While not the traditional form of entertainment, this part cultivates a vibrant, collaborative innovation community. It encourages the exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing, and mutual growth, creating an engaging ecosystem.

Enabling Infrastructure:

This involves designing and implementing physical infrastructures that encourage creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning. It includes modern co-working spaces, co-living facilities, co-learning environments, and co-innovation facilities.

The 4E Model offers a unique, interconnected approach that synergizes these services, fostering innovation, learning, and progress. It aims to address regional challenges such as the innovation gap, education disconnect, community fragmentation, and infrastructure limitations, ultimately creating a positive impact on a global scale. Ultimately the model creates gravity and increases talent density


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